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Frequently Asked Questions - Montour County Coroner

Frequently Asked Questions - Montour County Coroner

How do I obtain a death certificate?
The Coroner’s portion of the death certificate is completed and provided to the funeral home chosen by a family. All final death certificates will be issued by the funeral home or by the PA Department of Vital Records.

I am a funeral director and need authorization for cremation?
Cremation authorizations can be done by calling 570.275.1867. An initial verbal authorization will be provided followed by a written authorization. The cremation fee will be provided to you.

What do I do if I think someone has passed away?
If you are at the scene of a death or discover someone passed away, do not touch anything. Dial 911 and the dispatcher will dispatch the appropriate resources from EMS, Police, and the Coroner’s Office.

Does the Coroner’s Office recommend funeral homes?
No the Coroner’s Office WILL NOT recommend any funeral home over another. If needed the Coroner’s office will provide a family with a listing of the funeral homes in or near a certain community or the county.

How do I obtain Coroner, Autopsy, Toxicology reports?
Reports can be requested by dialing 570.275.1867. Reports have various fees associated with their release and may require a signed release from the next of kin or subpoena.

What happens if a death is pending investigation?
If a death is pending investigation a pending investigation death certificate will be issued by the Coroner’s office to the funeral home so that the family may proceed with disposition of the body and other arrangements. Once the Coroner’s office investigation is completed or if cause and/or manner of death cannot be determine a final death certificate will be issued to the funeral home. The time it takes for a Coroner’s office investigation varies based on autopsy, toxicology, microscopic testing, along with the Law Enforcement investigation.