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Office of the County Treasurer

Norma Bird
County Treasurer
First Elected: January 2018
Current Term Expires: January 2026

Office Location

Office of the Treasurer
Montour County Administration Center
435 East Front Street
Danville, PA  17821
570.271.3016 - phone

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Hours of Operation

Monday9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday9:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday9:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday9:00am - 4:00pm
Friday9:00am - 4:00pm
Closed weekends and holidays.

About our Office

The Treasurer is custodian of all county funds. The county currently maintains over 30 separate accounts. This office is responsible for receipting all monies due the county, one copy given to the payor and other copies being retained for balancing purposes and clear, precise audit trails.

Other responsibilities:

  • Disbursing of monies drawn against county funds after they have been signed by the commissioners;
  • Maintain accounts that clearly exhibit all receipts and their sources;
  • Submit, on a daily basis, an itemized report of all monies received and bank account balances of all county funds to the commissioners;
  • Deposit all monies received daily intact to the appropriate bank accounts; all accounts are reconciled daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. All accounts are audited by county auditors, state auditors, and an independent accounting firm.
  • Tax monies amounting to over $1,000,000 are returned to the Treasurer's Office each year; these monies are reconciled with the 33 local municipal tax collectors of the county. This program is computerized and the tax collectors receive a printout at the end of each month so that they can review their balances.

Each year, the Treasurer's Office reconciles over 30,000 checks and calculates over 75 election pays for the 15 election districts. All checks coming and going are the responsibility of the Treasurer's Office, and are filed there.

The county's financial system is computerized, and a double-entry bookkeeping system with interaction of checks and balances with the Commissioners' Office.

The County Treasurer also sits on the County Retirement Board and the County Salary Board.

Our Services

Pennsylvania Dog License graphic

All dogs three months or older living in the Commonwealth must be licensed in the county where they are normally kept.  Annual licenses run the calendar year expiring on December 31st for designated license year.

Hunt Fish PA Logo

The Montour County Treasurers Office is a licensing agent for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as well as the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  Hunting and Fishing License, Launch Use Permits, and a variety of other fish, game and boating related licenses can be purchased in person in the treasurers office or online.

Small Games of Chance

The Montour County Treasurers Office is the licensing authority for Small Games of Chance and Bingo Licenses within Montour County.  Licensing is limited to non-profit organizations for the promotion of charitable or civil purposes.

Payment Methods

This office gladly accepts the following methods of payment for services rendered:

  • CASH
  • DEBIT or CREDIT CARD (processing fees apply)

Bingo License

Qualifications for Application:

  • The Bingo Law stipulates non-profit organizations which have existed and conducted business two years prior to application can place an application with the Treasurer's Office.
  • Senior citizen groups can apply immediately upon being organized.

​Locations of Game Site:

  • Qu​alified applicants are limited to one game site for a period of one year, which shall be in the city, borough or township Where The Main Business Office Is Located.


The following fees have been set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Bingo Licensing:

  • $100.00  -  Qualified non-profits conducting games throughout the year.
  • $15.00    -  Qualified non-profits conducting no more than three continuous days per year.
  • FREE​     -   For qualified non-profits conducting games for their membership only where the games are conducted for entertainment purposes only and nominal prizes are awarded.

Useful Information

Dog Lineart Image

For annual dog license, apply at the County Treasurer’s Office, or send application and check or money order to County Treasurer 435 East Front Street  Danville, PA 17821.  When applying by mail, tag only will be returned in mail. (Attachments will not be sent through the mail.)
Lifetime Dog Licenses can only be acquired at the Treasurer's Office or via the mail.  Dogs must be microchipped.  Both the Permanent Identification Form and the Lifetime Dog License Application must be completed, and signed by both a licensed veterinarian and the dog owner.

Rabies Vaccinations are required for all dogs (and house cats) over three months of age.  Vaccines must be administered or supervised by a licensed veterinarian.  (Licensed kennel owners certified by  Dept. of Agriculture may vaccinate animals they own.)

Checks should be made payable to County Treasurer.

Please click here for additional Dog Law information.

Fish and Game Graphic

A person 16 years of age or older is required to have a license to fish in Pennsylvania.  While fishing, license must be signed in ink and must be displayed on an outer garment.  Anglers must be prepared to furnish positive proof of identification.  A trout stamp is also required to fish for trout or salmon.  Senior resident and lifetime licenses are available to those persons at anytime during the license year in which they will be 65 by the end of the license year.  Lifetime licenses are valid for the life of the applicant and, unless lost, do not need renewal each year.  The trout stamp is only valid for life if a lifetime license was purchased before May 2017.  Eligible active duty military personnel can legally fish without a license under the limited circumstances outlined in the law.

Please click here for additional information on fishing and boating regulations.

All persons must possess a valid hunting or furtaker license legally issued to them to hunt or trap in PA.  A person becomes eligible to hunt or trap in Pennsylvania when they reach their 12th birthday.  They may purchase a regular junior license or the combination license, which includes archery, furtaker and muzzleloader.  A person must pass a safety course or have had a prior hunting license legally issued to them to purchase a license. A person becomes eligible to purchase a senior, senior lifetime or senior lifetime combination license anytime during the license year when they will reach age 65 by the end of the license year.  Lifetime licenses are issued by the Game Commission the first year.  All license holders need to have a new tag reissued each year.

Please click here for additional information on hunting and trapping regulations.

Permit Graphic

The Montour County Treasurer’s Office issues sportsman’s firearms permits for hunting and fishing.  The cost is $6.00 for five years.  In order to purchase a permit, you must appear in person at the Treasurer’s Office with proof of identity.  Driver’s licenses or state issued ID cards are accepted.  Personal protection permits to carry a concealed weapon are available through the Montour County Sheriff’s Office.